In with the new…

Posted by oleksandr on May 6, 2014

old-and-newSo here it is, our brand spanking new website has finally arrived. Blood, sweat, tears and bottomless cups of coffee later we are proud to introduce the all new McDonald Butler. 

Over the past nine years we’ve grown at a phenomenal rate and been so busy delighting our clients that we realised that it was high time for some TLC of our own.  As beautiful and as shiny it may seem, the new branding is much more than a facelift. We really drilled down into the core of our business and stayed true to the essence of our brand. We embraced the art of storytelling (as well as the art of procrastination) peeled back the layers and built up the McDonald Butler story.

Being a Sales & Marketing agency isn’t just a badge we wear, it’s our core belief that good things happen when sales and marketing work together as a force for good! It’s not just us that believe this either, as we’ve got plenty of clients who share our thinking. 

Our marketing focus doesn’t end with a new website either. Armed with newly branded assets we are using our in-house digital and social expertise to connect with our clients through a multiplatform approach using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Slideshare et al. We plan on making noise and a lot of it.

 So to end the first post on our new blog, it hasn’t been an easy process, we’ve spent hours rewriting content and scrutinizing the colour yellow, been elbow deep in marketing buzz words and endlessly repeated the phrases ‘at least now we have the look and feel,’  ‘lets just scamp this up’ and ‘…but guys, what about SEO?’

Has it all been worth it?

In the words of Maeve McDonald, Founder and CEO herself: “Well, I’m probably a little greyer and have a lot more laughter lines than I did four months ago, but I love it! I’m so proud of our team and feel privileged to be working with such fantastic clients who share our belief too. We’ve evolved so much as an agency over the last nine years and our passion for uniting marketing and sales has gone from strength to strength, – especially around strategy and insight, digital and social. I hope our new website gives you a real insight into the real McDonald Butler (and how we can help you!). Please take a look and get in touch. Thank you!”