A Powerful New Connection in Marketing & Communications

Posted by Maeve McDonald on April 27, 2021

We have always recognized the power of bringing things together to create something better. It’s the principle on which McDonald Butler was founded: that sales and marketing when joined together drive more measurable impact.

Now 15+ years later, we are forging a new connection. With the news today that McDonald Butler has been acquired by Hotwire, we are not only connecting teams and expertise, we are connecting the entire marketing ecosystem to create a unique offering that helps tech CMOs build brand reputation, strengthen stakeholder relationships and deliver revenue growth.

From the very beginning of building McDonald Butler, aligning sales and marketing was done through campaigns that targeted specific accounts—this was well before the term ‘Account Based Marketing’ (ABM) was coined—and channel/alliance initiatives. Since then, we have stayed true to our core principle and continued to build on our capabilities across these two areas. The trends and strategies in audience engagement have certainly evolved over the years and new technologies have emerged making the importance of telling a connected story and providing connected experiences that much greater.

This is where the magic of Hotwire and McDonald Butler happens. For over 20 years, Hotwire has cemented its position as a leader in tech communications delivering services across corporate communications, public relations and brand and content marketing. Connecting brand positioning and integrated communications to strategic initiatives such as ABM and channel & alliances creates a powerful halo effect elevating programmes and campaigns to a new level and driving even greater ROI.

We could not be more thrilled to continue building highly effective ABM campaigns and channel/alliances initiatives for our valued clients and bringing even greater value in aligning our strengths with Hotwire to provide a holistic service that closes the loop from reputation building through to revenue generation.

Maeve & Mike